Neil Janin

Neil Janin

Since 2016, Neil Janin is a key shareholder and administrator of Skintifique.

Since 2011: Chairman, Bank of Georgia (publicly traded at the LSE, London); Presidency of the Council

Since 2011: Consulting and coaching large and small business leaders ;

1982-2011: McKinsey & Company (Paris); manager then senior associate director; Service to companies in the financial, industrial, and consumer goods sectors, covering a wide range of topics related to their strategy, organization, and operational performance. Coaching of leaders in Europe and worldwide

1979 – 1982: Chase Manhattan Bank (New York, Paris); Credit analysis and coordination. Project finance and commercial banking (credit).

1977-1979: Procter & Gamble (Toronto, Canada); Brand management

Education: MBA York University (Toronto, Canada) and Bachelor of Commerce (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)