Aftershave skincare... Skintifique for men: it’s simple and it works

Today, Thomas tells about aftershave skincare products, and how he has found with Skintifique one cream that works for moisturizing and aftershave and replaces the numerous marketing products that are available for men.

The other day I was walking through a large department store, and I was struck by the number of creams and specialized products that are now crying for male attention.

From aftershave healers to eye enhancers to anti-aging etc. – when really, all one needs is a cream that works as a moisturizer and that one can put on after a shave… Particularly, as is my case if one has sensitive and dry skin that is reacting quite strongly to the unnecessary ingredients contained in skincare products for men – from the super cheap to the very high end…

Skintifique works perfectly for me : it’s pure, it’s simple and most of all it works. I put  on the Hydrating Gel Plus HS before I go to bed and the next morning my skin is in perfect shape.

And for the shaving ? Even better: I put on generous amounts of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS after the shave to prevent razor burn and most of all to calm and stop the little red dots that appear once the bear starts growing again.

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