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Are you suffering from an Apple Watch allergy? Unfortunately, the meteoric development of connected objects such as the Apple Watch or Fitbit bracelet is accompanied by a resurgence of Nickel allergies. Thanks to the Protective Cream HPS, you can now wear these objects without any problem.

Connected objects have made a sensational entrance in our daily lives in the last 15 to 20 years when the democratization of Internet led to a rapid expansion of new technologies which were up to then confined to the anticipation field, or even to science fiction. A teenager today could not contemplate the daily life of a teenager in the 90s for example.

Smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles – helped by the development of WiFi or of 3G or 4G wireless networks – have considerably changed our relationship to our daily life. It has become very easy to consult the weather, to book your next holidays or to monitor your sports performances by using these applications or connected objects.

All this which has considerably helped the life of most people (or made it more fun, as you prefer) has had other more harmful repercussions on the life of some people. They are not the majority of the population, but the impacts on their health are far from negligible. The apparition of cell phones has caused new demonstrations of Nickel allergy, and the multiplication of sources of exposure has led to a rise in the number of cases linked to technological objects.

2014 has known several events which stick to people’s minds: the New York Times has resumed the results of an American study which demonstrates the allergy of a child which was developed at the contact of his iPad, and Fitbit sports bracelets have also had to communicate on cases of Nickel allergy developed on the wrists of some of their users. Recently, new owners of an Apple Watch have reported cases of allergy in contact with their new object, an allergy which Apple is aware of, as they have published a warning on their website.

It is very tempting to use all the possibilities offered by the multiplication of connected supports. Very tempting indeed. And some tips can allow to use them without risk: avoiding exposure of the skin directly to the metal by using an isolating layer is probably the most efficient. However, if you want to use connected technology which needs a direct contact with the skin, this is more complicated. In that case, I recommend that you test the Protective Cream HPS. You have an 80% chance of being able to be in contact with a watch (or other), more than 5 hours (and up to 14 hours) without any skin reaction!


Recommended skin care for Nickel allergy

Nickel Allergy pack

Protects skin from Nickel for up to 14h. Moisturizes intensely. Cleanses softly. Proven efficacy. Very safe & pure formulations.

Protective Cream HPS

Protects skin from Nickel for up to 14h. Moisturizes intensely. Cleanses softly. Proven efficacy. Very safe & pure formulations.

Moisturizing Lotion HP

Protective moisturizer: protects skin from Nickel. Proven efficacy. For body and/or face. Safe & pure formulation.

Cleanser P

Gentle cleansing and purifying micellar water, makeup remover. Removes impurities and traces of Nickel.

What are the results of Skintifique products on Nickel allergy?

Below are photos of a woman suffering from dyshidrotic eczema on both hands due to a Nickel allergy. After using the Protective Cream HPS to protect her skin against contact with Nickel, the Moisturizing Lotion HP to moisturize her skin by day, and the Hydrating Gel Plus HS to repair her skin by night, a very clear improvement can be seen. 

Skintifique science
  • New long-lasting moisturizing technology
  • Protection against allergens and pollution
  • Extremely pure formulations

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