Thank you @Beauté Blog: "Skintifique, the brand that allows you to wear the costume jewelry!"

The talented blogger, Magali Bertin, had already written an article which mentioned the Hydrating Gel Plus HS on her French blog: Beauté Blog. This time, she wrote a whole article on the Skintifique products.

In her post “Skintifique, the brand that allows you to wear the costume jewelry!”, she tested, in particular, the Protective Cream HPS, to fight the Nickel allergy which appears when she wears earrings. The results are very good, in her own words:

“The cream is super enjoyable to use.”

“Super discovery, I am delighted. I also use the Cleanser (but then the effect is obviously less visible, but … It removes makeup well and is formulated to be tolerated by all skin types, so I give it my approval) and cream when I put a ring, an earring or even a necklace containing Nickel… And I don’t have any problems anymore!”

Thank you Magali for this article!

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