Thank you @Beauty Candy Pink: "Soft makeup removal with Skintifique"

The beauty blogger Marie from the Beauty Candy Pink wrote an article about the Cleanser P: “Soft cleansing with Skintifique”. Find out what she thinks of this Cleanser P which is now part of her beauty routine.

Marie tested the Cleanser P. Here is what she thinks:

” Are you looking for a cleanser that respects your sensitive skin? With the fewest possible ingredients? Then I know the one you need to try! I discovered Skintifique not long ago. And I was seduced by the fact that their products really respect the skin. I was lucky to try the Cleanser P… which only contains 5 ingredients! How cool is that?! “

I have used the Cleanser P for more than one month.  And, I have seen a clear improvement in my skin with fewer blackheads and redness. My skin feels really cleaned.

I am very happy to use this cleanser every day. I also love the fact that it does not contain paraben, silicone, mineral oil, fragrance, EDTA, lanolin, Nickel or Chromium. The Cleanser P is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. It effectively removes makeup and brings softness to your skin. Do not hesitate to test it! I am sure you will love it!”

Thank you, Marie for this article, which you can access by clicking here (in French).

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