Thank you @Big Blog Beauté: "Skintifique, the solution to custom jewelry allergies"

The blogger Magali Laville from the Big Blog Beauté blog suffers from Nickel allergy and has tested our products. She particularly appreciated the Cleanser P and the Protective Cream HPS which she uses to protect her skin from allergic reactions when she wears jewelry.

As Magali Laville explains on her blog Big Blog Beauté, she “cannot wear [her] favorite jewelry more than 24 hours without having an allergic reaction.” Indeed “except when they are made from pure gold or silver, jewelry always triggers an allergic reaction on my skin.”

“It is a real problem because even a bracelet, an earring or a costume ring which stays a little too long in contact with my skin triggers itching, and it gets worse and worse, especially in the summer when I am sweaty! It is a little easier with necklaces because they stick less to my skin, but they still create a dark mark around my neck, which isn’t exactly pretty!”

As Magali, 10% of the population is affected by Nickel allergy. Nickel is a very common metal which can be found in many daily objects: costume jewelry, watches, cell phones… To fight the allergic reactions, Skintifique has developed a unique technology, which has led to the creation of the Protective Cream HPS, the first cream in the world to protect the skin against Nickel. The Cleanser P cleanses the skin softly while removing all traces of Nickel.

Magali has tested the Cleanser P and the Protective Cream HPS, and here is what she thinks: “The cleanser removes the black marks that costume jewelry creates on my skin, and I use the protective cream to apply on my ears, wrists, and fingers before wearing costume jewelry.”

Thank you Magali for this article “Skintifique, the solution to custom jewelry allergies” which you can read by clicking here.

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