Thank you @Ho My Blog: "Skintifique"

Aurélie, the author of the blog Ho My Blog, tested the Cleanser P and the Protective Cream HPS. Her opinion on these two products is very positive: “I have to say that I have found it very efficient” and “a lot of positive aspects”. The complete review of these products is in the article below.

Aurélie has been writing the beauty blog Ho My Blog for 2 years. On it, she gives her opinion on different skin care and cosmetics products that she tests. She has had the occasion to test the Cleanser P and the Protective Cream HPS. Here is her review of these different products:

Protective Cream HPS:

“I used the Protective Cream HPS before putting on earrings and I have to say that I found it very efficient! No red patches, no itching, and I was able to keep my earrings on for a few hours compared to a few minutes before that.”

Cleanser P:

“My loved one tested the Cleanser P for a few days, and noted a lot of positive aspects: his skin is less dull, less thick, he has fewer spots also, and most of all, he doesn’t have this dry skin that used to peel around the jaw.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Thank you Aurélie for this article!

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