Cheer Up association partnership with Skintifique

Skintifique is a partner of Cheer Up since February 2015. At Skintifique people really believe in making a difference to people who really need our products.  One way which we do this is by directly engaging with organisations devoted to alleviating skin-related suffering.

Cheer Up is one such organisation. Originally it was created by Pierre Janicot, who recovered from cancer while a student and thought that young people with cancer need more specific support in battling the disease. He created Cheer Up while a student the French Business School ESSEC. Cheer Up helps young people in their battle with cancer through realising meaningful personal projects.  This may also include organizing and participating in cancer awareness events, etc.

In the mean time Cheer Up is present in 17 universities and Graduate Schools across France. The local chapter at the Business School NEOMA in Rouen is one of them and that’s where Skintifique did contribute.

One of the concrete projects Cheer Up in Rouen is doing, is to help women patients who undergo radiotherapy. Those patients usually suffer from extra dry and sensitive skin as a direct consequence of the radiation. Skintifique has been helping Cheer Up by offering special rates on its products to the members of the association, especially for the Hydrating Gel Plus HS which is an exceptional moisturiser, with a very pure composition. All this makes this product adapted to the fragile skin of cancer patients.

Skintifique is highly committed to working with patients and other associations to make its products accessible for those whose skin condition requires intensive use of moisturisers.

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