Allergic or hypersensitive, looking for Chromium Free accessories?

There is a solution that will allow you to continue wearing your favourite jewellery or seating on your coach while protecting your skin. Chromium allergy is a skin disorder that affects between 1 and 3% of the population. Hypersensitivity to metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt …) is widespread even though many people do not know they are allergic. For example, people observe skin rashes when they are wearing leather shoes or leather watchbands.

Obviously, the simplest solution for people suffering from Chromium allergy is to use only products without Chromium which can prove difficult in practice. Chromium is very present in everyday metal objects (often associated with Nickel), but also in cosmetics (blue, green and yellow hues), and can be found in many leather objects: sofas, bags, wallets, watches shoes, etc.

Indeed, most tanning processes are chromium-based and therefore your everyday leather objects can prove allergenic and even carcinogenic in some cases.

Another new solution is to protect skin against Chromium. This is what Skintifique has achieved, by developing the world’s first products that actively protect skin from Chromium and that let the skin breathe. They are based on an exclusive patented technology, Capturifique, which captures metals at the surface of the skin and prevents them from entering it.

The Chromium Allergy Pack is composed of:

  • Protective Cream HPS: a unique protection against Chromium and other metals, which lets the skin breathe
  • Moisturizing Lotion HP: moisturizes and protects skin from Chromium
  • Cleanser P: a micellar lotion which cleanses, removes makeup and traces of Chromium from the skin

What are the results of Skintifique products on Chromium allergy?

Below are photos of a 38 years old paver forklift truck operator who suffers from contact dermatitis caused by his Chromium allergy. He is in contact with Chromium as part of his professional activity.

2 weeks after starting to use the Protective Cream HPS at work during the day, and the Hydrating Gel Plus HS at night, his hands have regained a normal aspect.


Skintifique science
  • New long-lasting moisturizing technology
  • Protection against allergens and pollution
  • Extremely pure formulations

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