Are Skintifique products safe?

Safety is one of the fundamental principles of Skintifique. We think safety when we design our products, carefully selecting each and every ingredient for their low irritant or allergic potential and are well known from regulatory authorities in the US and Europe. We have also invented technologies and know-how that allow us to have a minimum number of ingredients in each product, so as to minimize the risks of undesired skin reactions, which are common with skincare products as people with sensitive skin know well. Finally, each and every product has successfully passed a number of rigorous safety tests, both required by regulations or self imposed by Skintifique, before they were launched. All in all, there is no product on the planet that is 100% safe for 100% of people, and our products are no exception. But they are certainly among the safest that exist, if not the safest, for people with sensitive skin.

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