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Thank you @Santé Magazine: “Safety and pleasure, I want all!”

Find Skintifique products in Santé Magazine’s article: Safety and Pleasure, I want all! It is about the best skincare products with safe and minimalist formulations to answer your skin’s needs.

And what about following Santé Magazine’s advice this month? “To find products that suit your skin’s needs better, always chose the one with the fewer number of ingredients”.  The Skintifique range follows this logic of “Essential Effectiveness”. Indeed,  instead of trying to chase after the latest exotic addition, Skintifique only uses active ingredients that are proven to be effective and with excellent safety profiles such as glycerin, bisabolol or castor oil. The result ? Our four products contain the fewest possible ingredients, meaning between 5 and 13 ingredients depending on the product.

It is not surprising then to find the Hydrating Gel Plus HS in the Face category of the Santé Magazine’s article which reminds that “your skin needs moisturizing first”. And to moisturize, “choose recognized ingredients such as glycerin”… The Hydrating Gel Plus HS has one of the world’s highest concentrations of glycerin.

Thank you again @Santé Magazine for this article ! And do not hesitate to choose skincare products with minimalist formulations!

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