bienvenue chez Skintifique - welcome to Skintifique

Welcome to Skintifique: a word from the founders

Welcome to Skintifique! Bonjour!

It is our great pleasure to launch Skintifique’s website and bring you exceptional products that will help you enjoy the best that life offers.

Skintifique’s journey started in Boston and Paris when, Dr. Jeffrey Karp, as a Harvard-MIT Professor and Dr. Jacques Delort,  a healthcare executive, we joined forces with a goal to change and improve the quality of life of people with demanding skin. We were joined by a high energy team of medical doctors, scientists, and experts, and this combination of talents and passion quickly led to the new generation of dermatology products that we offer today.

Our products are based on breakthrough innovations, designed to bring exceptional efficacy, safety, and skin comfort. They are the first skincare products to protect against common irritants such as Nickel (that affect 10% of the world’s population) and pollutants, and exclusive products offering exceptional soothing and moisturizing specifically for very dry or damaged skin. In addition, our products have been uniquely designed to contain the fewest possible ingredients, to minimize the risks of undesired skin reactions, which are common with many skincare products. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and has a long history of safety. We craft products with unique characteristics through harnessing science to reveal unexpected properties of simple ingredients, and through combining them in novel ways.

For a daring analogy, consider how the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and the Eiffel Tower in Paris were constructed using simple materials, yet the results were, well, EXTRAORDINARY!

Our products will soon be available on this website, for the purchase of individual units or through care packs. These products are already changing the lives of many people with demanding skin, and we will share some of their testimonials. We sincerely hope they will help you and your loved ones’ enjoy the best that life can offer.

Stay up to date with news or information of interest by accessing our blog, as well as for comments and life stories from users of our products. We welcome your insights and suggestions: this site is designed for you!

Subscribe to our newsletter, or visit us often on the Skintifique website to track our products and news, and see how we are changing the skincare experience.

For the Skintifique team, the Founders.

Dr. Jacques Delort, Ph.D., President & CEO

Dr. Jeffrey Karp, Ph.D., Chairman, Scientific Committee

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