Which Hydrating Gel Plus HS format best fits your skin’s needs?

Hydrating Gel Plus HS - Face (1.35 fl.oz)

  • For face & hands
  • Always with you (transports, bags, plane ...)
  • Available in Pack of 2 or 3


Hydrating Gel Plus HS - Body (5.07 fl.oz)

  • 4 times more product
  • For body and daily usage
  • A bathroom essential
  • Available in Pack of 2 or 3


Intense and lasting moisturizing. Soothes. Helps repair skin. Proven efficacy. Safe & pure formulation. For dry, sensitive or irritated skin (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis…). Body Cream.

The Hydrating Gel Plus HS  is an exceptionally pure head-to-toe hydrating cream. It provides an intense and long-lasting moisturizing, soothes and helps repair skin. It is recommended for dry, sensitive, irritated (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis…) or damaged skin (acne scars…). Suitable for babies, children, and adults.

Its formulation is extremely safe and pure, with only 8 ingredients.


Skin Deep was launched in 2004 by The Environmental Working Group (EWG), an American nonprofit environmental research whose goal is to provide information to protect human health and the environment. EWG’s Skin Deep database aims to give information about personal care and cosmetic products that you purchase and bring into your home.

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SkinSAFE is a database of skin care products based on ingredients, that can help you avoid a product that contains your allergen. All the products are ranked based on how free they are from the top most common allergy causing ingredients. Thus, with SkinSAFE, everybody can find safe skin care, free from allergens and irritants!

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An exclusive patented technology

The Activifique technology is the basis of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS. This technology allows for a progressive delivery of active moisturizing and soothing agents. This results in an exceptional and long-lasting efficacy, even over long periods of use. Learn more about Activifique

100% pure composition

Skintifique products have extremely pure formulations, with a limited number of ingredients to minimize the risk of skin reaction. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its safety profile.

The Hydrating Gel Plus HS is: paraben free – metal free (no Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt…) – fragrance free – EDTA-free – BPA free (no phthalates, bisphenol, non-toxic plastic) – sulfates free (no SLS & SLES) – gluten free – silicone free (no dimethicone) – alcohol free – mineral oil free (petroleum free) – lanolin free.

The Hydrating Gel Plus HS contains 98.9% natural ingredients.

Also, all our products are eco-friendly and vegan. They are cruelty-free (no animal testing). They are hypoallergenic and tolerance tested.

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Scientifically proven benefits

– 100% improvement in skin hydration
– Up to 70% moisture increase
– Efficacy lasts more than 24 h after each application
– Unique benefits for sensitive, dry, irritated (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dyshidrosis, epidermolysis bullosa…) or damaged skin (acne scars…)

A limited number of ingredients

Hydrating Gel Plus HS (8 ingredients): Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, Glyceryl stearate, Pentylene glycol, Bisabolol, Chlorphenesin, Ethylhexylglycerin

Need larger volumes of products?

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