Soothe skin irritated by dyshidrosis

It is possible to soothe skin irritated by dyshidrosis (also called dyshidrotic eczema or pompholyx) by using skincare that protects and helps repair skin.

According to what Christine C wrote on our website, two Skintifique products have helped her to soothe her skin irritated by dyshidrosis:
“I am suffering from hand dyshidrosis since summer 2015, I discovered Skintifique website 1 month ago and I purchased the Moisturizing Lotion HP which I apply morning and night on my hands. At night, I put a good quantity of the product over my hands and then I put my cotton gloves. I can testify that since I have started to do so, and for 15 days now, my hands do not burn anymore and the cracks and little blisters tend to completely disappear, and I am not exaggerating! Yet, I may have tried all the creams available in the market, even the most expensive ones, even cortisone etc. I can say that my hands have definitely nothing to do with what they looked like before. For me, it is a miraculous brand for all skin problems. My advice for all the people with skin problems is to try Skintifique products.”

These two products can help your skin if you are suffering from dyshidrosis because of:

  • Their exclusive technology which captures Nickel at the skin’s surface. And every day, we come into contact with objects containing Nickel (such as jewelry, jean buttons, coins). And Nickel is also present in perspiration. Thus, Nickel can trigger or maintain cutaneous reactions. And, 30-50% people with dyshidrotic eczema are allergic to Nickel. And they often do not know they are unless they did the allergy testing.
  • They participate to the balancing of your skin’s moisturizing, thanks to its hydrating agents and its absorbing agents which absorb perspiration. Excessive perspiration can be an issue for a lot of people suffering from dyshidrosis.