About dyshidrosis

You will find here information about dyshidrosis: what is it? What are its symptoms? What treatments exist for dyshidrosis? How can it be relieved?

What is dyshidrosis?

Dyshidrosis is a form of bullous eczema, found mainly on the hands and/or feet. It is also called pemphigus, or dyshidrotic eczema.

This illness generally evolves by outbreaks (or crisis), interrupted by phases of remission. The causes of the dyshidrosis outbreaks are yet unknown, but an excessive sweating and/or a humid environment seem to be linked, if not to the triggering factor, at least to the aggravation of the outbreak. In addition, allergies such as Nickel or Chromium (or other metal) allergies are frequently associated with dyshidrosis.

What are the symptoms of dyshidrosis?

Dyshidrosis is characterized by the apparition on the skin of vesicles filled with serum. These vesicles can be more or less deep, and lead to itching, pain, or be asymptomatic.

How can dyshidrosis be treated?

There are no treatments that can cure dyshidrosis, but only treatments of its symptoms. These can be local treatments, with the use of antiseptic baths (with sodium hypochlorite, potassium permanganate or chlorhexidine), topical treatments (corticosteroids, hydrating products), or systemic treatments (antihistamines, sometimes anxiolytics, cyclosporine or methotrexate). Other approaches can be considered, like water cures or PUVA phototherapies. Drug treatments often have unwanted side effects which limit their use in the long run.

How can dyshidrosis be relieved?

At Skintifique, we have developed the Dyshidrosis Pack which shows excellent results to hydrate, protect and cleanse skin irritated by dyshidrosis, either on its own, or used together with other treatments.

Many people suffering from eczema or dyshidrosis use these products because they have seen a notable improvement in their skin quality and comfort. These observations are also confirmed by scientific analysis lead on these products ( the quantitative measure of the skin hydration, follow-up of the evolution of the skin’s aspects, the frequency of the outbreaks, etc).

These results can be explained as follow:

  • Hydrating Gel Plus HS: a high glycerin content, a long-lasting hydrating effect unlike usual creams, and this thanks to the very innovative molecular structure of this gel-cream, and finally a limited number of ingredients all chose with care, which minimizes the risk of unwanted skin reactions.
  • Moisturizing Lotion HP: an excellent hydration and protection against metals often associated with dyshidrosis, as well as a minimum number of ingredients selected with care, as for the gel.
  • Cleanser P: an extremely pure and soft micellar water which cleanses skin from environmental stressors which can trigger a dyshidrosis outbreak.
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