How to protect your skin from pollution?

Our skin is assaulted every day by pollution. Allergies, acne, spots or premature wrinkles are part of the many consequences of this exposure to pollution. But good news: it is easy to protect your skin from pollution. Find out in this article 3 things to do to give  brightness and freshness to your skin!

What are the effects of pollution on your skin?

Whether we live in the city or the countryside , our skin is constantly assaulted by polluting agents in the air. One of the first consequences of such irritation is that our skin gets irritable, more sensitive and intolerant. It comes from the fact that the lipids, which are on the surface of the skin, are affected. In the same way, the quality of the secreted sebum is modified, which lead to blackheads. With these constant attacks, the skin gets drier.

Di you know ? 90 % of the signs of cutaneous aging are to be imputed to the pollution and to the sun.

How to protect your skin from pollution?

Here are 3 things to do to protect your skin from pollution on a daily basis:

  • 1/  Cleanse your skin: remove fine particles from the skin surface:

Start with a gentle cleaning of your skin to get rid of the fine particles that were accumulated on the skin’s surface during the day. The most sensitive skin can choose a micellar water that removes impurities in a gentle way. It’s better to avoid aggressive skin care such as facial scrub or peelings because the skin gets more sensitive to pollution.

2/ Protect your skin:

It’s key to protect your skin. You can, for instance, use a moisturizer that captures fine particles on the skin’s surface in order to prevent skin irritations. Don’t forget to use sun cream as  the sun – in particular UV rays and UVA rays- eases the aggression of your skin by pollutants.

  • 3/ Moisturize your skin:
The last step of your anti-pollution program is to moisturize and repair your skin. Choose a skin care which helps to reconstitute the cutaneous barrier for a better protection against the assaults of pollutants. You can try a cream which regenerates skin overnight . Indeed, during the sleep, the skin secretes more molecules to repair skins put under stress by the pollution!

How can the Skintifique products help to protect your skin from pollution?

1/ Cleanse your skin:

Do you have a sensitive skin? Why don’t you try the Cleanser P to cleanse your skin morning and evening? This micellar water effectively removes makeup and impurities. With only 5 ingredients and thanks to its exclusive formulation, the Cleanser P is particularly tough on pollution and traces of metals such as Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt…which is a great asset to get rid of fine particles! It brings the skin a blast of freshness, instantly restores its comfort and balance.

2/ Protect your skin:

Are you looking for a bodyguard-style lotion to protect your skin from pollution? Try the Moisturizing Lotion HP. This body and face lotion moisturizes the skin deep down. It also protects from Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt. This detox lotion is particularly recommended for dry, reactive or allergic skin.

3/ Moisturize and regenerate your skin:

Moisturize and regenerate your skin with the same skin care? It is possible with the Hydrating Gel Plus HS! It’s an intense moisturizing, soothing and repairing cream for the face and body. Using an exclusive patented technology, it gradually releases its moisturizing and soothing agents on demand. With only 8 ingredients carefully selected for their safety profiles, the Hydrating Gel Plus HS is recommended for sensitive skin and skin stressed by pollution. One good thing to do is to use it at night to regenerate the skin.

As you can see, with the Skintifique products, your skin is protected from pollution!

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