What is Chlorphenesin?

Chlorphenesin is an ingredient frequently used in cosmetic or skincare products, because of its properties.

It is an antimicrobial agent which is used mainly to avoid bacteria and micro-organism to develop in these products. It can also help control the development of micro-organism on the skin. It is essential to avoid the development of micro-organism in skincare products so that these products can be safe. All the more if this product is used on fragile, reactive, allergic or damaged skin, as a result of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dyshidrosis or other dermatological conditions.

Unfortunately, like every ingredient, Chlorphenesin can sometimes generate a reaction for some persons: it is rare (which is the main reason why we chose Chlorphenesin over other antimicrobial ingredients), but it can happen.

There is no way of knowing in advance if someone will react to Chlorphenesin, unless that person already knows if they are allergic to this ingredient. Moreover, sometimes some batches of Chlorphenesin can create allergic reactions, while other batches coming from the same producers have no effect.

Skintifique products are created in particular for persons who have a sensitive or reactive skin. We attach a lot of importance to the quality of ingredients that we use, as well as minimizing the number of ingredients and using them only in the concentrations most adapted to the expected effect. In that spirit, Chlorphenesin is present in Skintifique products, but used only at a minimal concentration (so as to limit the risks of unwanted skin reactions), but sufficient so as to allow product to resist microbial contamination in the very demanding test conditions (in particular in regulatory tests like the “challenge tests”). In any case, Chlorphenesin concentration is always under 0,3%. Moreover, we obtain our Chlorphenesin, like all the ingredients used in our products, at established producers, who answer to the best quality requirements.

We recommend that persons who think that they could react to Chlorphenesin do a tolerance test with all new products containing this ingredient, before using it regularly or on extended surfaces. Typically, a tolerance test is done by applying the skincare product on a small skin surface (for example, on the forearm), and by waiting a few minutes to see if there is no unwanted skin reaction. In case of a reaction, this product should not be used. If it is a Skintifique product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

More generally, doing a tolerance test with all new products is a good practice for all persons with a sensitive or reactive skin.