Testimonial of Fanny: her hand eczema

Fanny is a young woman of 27 years old, she is a graphic designer. She suffers from hand eczema and rashes, which often appears through outbreaks. She has used the Hydrating Gel Plus HS on her hands, and very quickly, the state of her hands improved. She is now a loyal user of this gel.

Who is Fanny?

Fanny is a 27-year-old graphic designer. She leads an active lifestyle, both socially and with her work, where she often interacts with clients.

She suffers from hand eczema that becomes worse with stress. Frequent eczema outbreaks leave her skin thin, fragile, and distressed. Everyday activities such as washing dishes can be very painful for her, and she often does not feel good having her hands seen in public.

Fanny often uses topical corticosteroids to cope with her eczema outbreaks. However, she is well aware of the potential side effects of using these drugs and she wants to reduce their use as much as possible. She has tried a lot of skincare brands, but she found that none of them can bring her lasting moisturizing and relief. When a designer friend told her about Skintifique’s approach, she decided to give the Hydrating Gel Plus HS a try.

What Fanny did and what she observed

When Fanny started using Hydrating Gel Plus HS, her hands were in rough shape: they displayed pervasive redness, painful crevices, and peeling of her fragile skin.

After only 3 days of using the Hydrating Gel Plus HS, she began to feel an overall improvement in the quality of her skin: the redness started to disappear, the crevices seemed to heal faster and her skin felt much less dry. The pain started to subside, and she could consider again activities like washing dishes without fear (not her favorite activity, though!).

Fanny has been using the Hydrating Gel Plus HS for over 7 months now. She has observed that the effects and comfort provided by the gel are visible and long lasting. Most importantly, she felt good reducing the steroids topical treatments. She also noticed that since she started using the gel, she did not have as many crevices during eczema flare-ups. In fact, crevices sometimes do not occur at all.

When scientists measured the moisture in Fanny’s hands with a hydration sensor, they found results consistent with Fanny’s observations. As expected, during eczema breakouts, her skin displayed dryness; however, upon using the Hydrating Gel Plus HS, the moisture in her hands increased dramatically and quickly returned to pre-outbreak levels.

Fanny also loves the feel of the gel on her hands. She describes it as feeling like a thin, protective yet non-greasy layer. She also enjoys being able to apply it several times a day without fearing that just rubbing her hands would induce additional itching.

Recently, Fanny was on holiday, traveling away from home. She had forgotten to take a reserve of Hydrating Gel Plus HS and when an eczema outburst came, she rushed to a pharmacy and bought one of the classic moisturizing product from a top brand that she used before starting using the gel. Well, you know what? She had painful crevices come up again, and her skin looked and felt really damaged. No need to specify that as soon as she was back home she got a supply of Hydrating Gel Plus HS and she now makes sure she always have some with her.

What Fanny says

“The rashes I’ve got during my eczema outbursts are now less extended since I started to use the Hydrating Gel Plus HS, moreover, I feel my skin is more hydrated.

During my eczema crisis, I used fewer corticosteroids cream than the previous times, before I started using Skintifique’s Gel.  I have fewer crevices, that are less deep also. My everyday life is less painful.

I feel my skin is reconstructing, in a better shape now. I see the real benefit of having an intense and lasting hydration on my hands.

The use of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS does not prevent a new crisis of eczema, but they are less painful than before I started to use this product.”

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