Interview with Tudosia who suffers from Nickel and Chromium allergy

Tudosia is a hospital nurse in Bucharest.  She suffers from Nickel and Chromium allergy. She tells us in this interview about her painful experience with this skin condition, and how she managed to overcome it.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Tudosia. I live in Bucharest where I am a nurse hospital.

What skin condition are you affected by?

I was diagnosed with a Nickel allergy and a Chromium allergy.

What consequences did the Nickel and Chromium allergy have on your professional and personal life?

My Nickel and Chromium allergies have consequences on my professional life. Indeed, the uniforms I wear at the hospital are closed with metallic parts. But, my skin reacts when in contact with these metallic parts. So, I had to customize my uniform by replacing these metallic parts by buttons.

My Nickel and Chromium allergies also have consequences on my personal life. Indeed, I can’t wear costume jewelry. For instance, I have not worn costume earring for a very long time! It’s a pity because I love wearing jewelry! Also, I stopped wearing dresses because of this allergy. Indeed, the clasps of my dresses contain some Nickel and my skin does not support it. It causes a strong cutaneous reaction: redness, tingling, and irritation. That is why I definitively gave up the idea of wearing dresses.

If you had one message to send to those suffering from psoriasis, what would it be?

You are not alone!  I spoke about my allergy problem with some of my coworkers, and I found out that I am not the only one suffering from this allergy. And it’s a good thing to know that other people are going through the same things as you are.

Which Skintifique product have you tried? What are the results?

I tested the Protective Cream HPS. It was the Doctor Badulici who advised me to try it. I apply it directly on my skin before touching an object containing Nickel or Chromium. I also apply some cream directly on the object. And I can confirm that it is very efficient!  For example, I can now wear belts ! With only one application, I am protected for at least 12 hours.

For me, it is so enjoyable to be able to wear again dresses and costume jewelry! I also love the fact that I can now wear my uniform without having to replace all the zippers by buttons!

One last word before the end of this interview?

As a patient and a healthcare professional, I support research and innovation which lead to the development of new dermatological products (such as Skintifique). I was lucky to be able to test the Protective Cream HPS. Thanks to this skin care, my “allergic life” is easier and I can manage my Nickel and Chromium allergy!

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