Chromium allergy, what is it?

Chromium allergy is far less known than Nickel allergy. Nevertheless, this metal can set off an allergic contact eczema, just as Nickel does.

While allergies to costume jewellery and piercings are relatively easy to identify by those who suffer from them, Chromium allergy can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. Yet, many objects contain Chromium and this allergy can be very severe. It is sometimes difficult to identify the presence of Chromium, because these objects are not always made of metal.

If you take the example of leather, Chromium salts are often used for the tanning, mostly for poor quality leathers. The small spots that appear on your skin when you are wearing your watch are not necessarily caused by a heavy perspiration,  but can also be the consequence of the presence of chromium in the bracelet.

Chromium is also found in pigments used in cosmetics. A green or yellow colour is generally the sign of chromate ions. Clothes in these colours often also contain some.

For allergic persons, the high Chromium content of some foods can also cause allergic reactions. Several foods contain a high level of Chromium: tomatoes, broccolis, lettuce, turnips, radish…

To limit your skin exposition to Chromium, you need to avoid as much as possible the sources of exposition. This is unfortunately not always possible, and you therefore need systems which minimise contact. Gloves or clothes can protect the skin, but cannot stop metals from penetrating the skin when they are conducted by perspiration for example. The Protective Cream HPS helps to protect the skin from contact with these irritants, by capturing specifically the metals, including chromium. It is trapped at the surface of the epidermis, and cannot penetrate the skin, thus minimising the risks of allergic contact reactions.


  1. Hi,
    I have a major problem with my laptop. My palm of my hands lays on top of the laptop while typing by the end of the day the palm of my hands are raw and red.

    Florence Diapo
    [email protected]

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your message and your interest in Skintifique.

      It could be a reaction due to a Nickel allergy. Indeed, laptops, tablets or smartphone contain metals (such as Nickel) that can irritate your skin. These objects can cause redness, tingling, itching and unexpected irritation to your skin.

      My advice is to try the skin care line that Skintifique designed to specifically protect and preserve skin from Nickel and related metals:
      The Protective Cream: It’s the first cream in the world to protect the skin up to 14h from metals (such as Nickel). With its exclusive patented technology which captures irritant metals on the skin surface, this cream prevents these metals from penetrating the epidermis. More than 70% of users are protected. You can apply it directly to the palm of your hands when before touching your laptop. /shop/en/protective-cream-hps-12.html

      The Moisturizing Lotion HP. It’s a great partner to the Protective Cream HPS as it moisturizes the skin deep down whilst it also provides protection against contact with objects that contain metals such as Nickel. It is particularly recommended for reactive or allergic skin: /shop/en/moisturizing-lotion-hp-8.html

      The Hydrating Gel Plus HS: It’s a moisturizing, soothing and repairing cream. You can apply it generously, especially on dry or damaged skin. For instance, you can use to regenerate your skin at night./shop/en/hydrating-gel-plus-hs-13.html

      Also, to see if the products work for you, you can benefit from our Discovery Offer which offers you a FREE full-size product. You can find all the details of our Discovery Offer here: /us/skintifiques-distribution-2/special-offers/

      Do not hesitate if you need any additional information.

      Best regards,

      Laura from the Skintifique team.

  2. Thank you very much for the information.what about if l don’t go near anything with chrome

    1. Hello Maa and thank you for your message.

      You can try to limit your skin exposition to Chromium, but unfortunately, this can be very hard and not always possible. Indeed, many objects (such as leather accessories or cosmetics) contain
      Chromium. One solution can be to protect your skin with gloves and clothes. You can also try the Protective Cream HPS which is the world’s first cream to protect the skin from contact with Chromium. Using a new, exclusive and patented technology (Capturifique), the cream captures Chromium on the surface of the epidermis, limiting the harmful effects.

      You can try it for free with our Welcome Offer. Thanks to this offer, you can receive one full-size product. You only pay for the shipping.
      You can find more information here: /shop/gb/skintifiques-distribution/special-offers/

      Please do not hesitate if you need any additional information.

      Best regards,

      Laura from the Skintifique team

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