Cleanse skin from Nickel irritants with the Cleanser P

How can you cleanse your skin from Nickel irritants? Jean is a senior scientist at Skintifique. He has developed methods to demonstrate how the Cleanser P removes irritants from the skin’s surface, as well as how the skin is protected, when the Protective Cream HPS or the Moisturizing Lotion HP are used.

The figure below illustrates some of his observations.

What Jean did and what he observed

In the test illustrated below, Jean first applied Nickel (the most common metal irritant) to two separate spots on his skin (A and B). He then used a round cotton pad soaked in Cleanser P to cleanse spot B. Finally, he applied a chemical that turns pink when exposed to Nickel, on both spot A and B, as well as on the cotton pad.

The photo above clearly shows that Nickel is still present on the skin when it is not cleansed with Cleanser P (Spot A has turned pink). In contrast, the Nickel has been removed from the skin when has been cleansed with the Cleanser P (Spot B, which has not turned pink because there is no detectable Nickel left on the skin). Notice that there is a pink spot (designated Spot C) on the cotton pad. This shows that the Nickel that was removed from Spot B on Jean’s hand has been transferred to the round cotton pad soaked with Cleanser P!

Jean also demonstrated in further tests not shown here that the Protective Cream HPS, when applied to the skin before contact with metal irritants such as Nickel, will keep the irritant at the surface of the skin for several hours, thereby providing an effective protection. Now the Nickel (or other metal irritants and allergens) can be safely and effectively removed from the skin’s surface with the Cleanser, usually at end of day.

These findings are consistent with the reports from people who use the Protective Cream HPS and Cleanser P as part of their daily routine.

They also illustrate the pro-active approach to daily skincare that the Skintifique line of product offers to people with allergic skin or who want to be preserved from metal pollutants:

– Protect your skin at risk of exposure to items containing metals, such as jewellery or leather accessories, with the Protective Cream HPS

– Preserve your skin’s health with the Moisturizing Lotion HP or the Hydrating Gel HS

– Cleanse your skin with the Cleanser P

What Jean says

“I am very pleased to have been able to visually show that our products are so efficient to protect the skin and to cleanse it from metal irritants such as Nickel.

I have confirmed these effects on many experiments and tests, and this is a great confirmation of what so many people have observed in their daily life.”

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