How Lucile discovered she is allergic to Nickel

Lucile is a 34-year-old scientist who traveled and worked in many places, from Goteborg (Sweden) to Paris (France) and La Reunion Island. She tells us here how she discovered that she is allergic to Nickel.

She pierced her ears several times during her teens and began suffering from skin rashes and itching when she tried wearing earrings. Lucile didn’t know what the cause of her skin’s reaction was, but she became hesitant to wear earrings and other jewelry. Eventually, without further investigation, she stopped wearing earrings altogether.

When she heard about Skintifique’s work, she wondered if her skin was being irritated by possible Nickel content in the jewelry. She decided to try the Protective Cream HPS.

What Lucile did and what she observed

Lucile bought a new pair of earrings at a local flea market. She then spread a small amount of the Protective Cream HPS on her right ear and then on the front and back of one earring. She did not treat her left ear, nor the earring that she used for the left ear.

Within a short time, her left ear began to itch and got progressively more itchy with passing time. Eventually, a rash also appeared. At first, Lucile wasn’t sure whether this was a reaction to the metal in the earring, or if it was because she hadn’t worn earrings for a long time. But her right ear, where she had used the Protective Cream HPS, felt great!

After the rash developed on her left ear, she removed both earrings and had a friend take pictures of both her ears so that she could keep a visual evidence of her little experiment.

Needless to say, she now uses the Protective Cream HPS whenever she wants to wear earrings and fancy jewelry.

Right ear, at the end of the test. The hole that has been protected with the Protective Cream HPS before putting on the earring looks and feels great Left ear at the end of the test. The hole used to put the earring with no protection with the Protective Cream HPS is red and itching

What Lucile says

“I have wondered for a long time if I was allergic to Nickel or other metals used in fancy jewelry. The Protective Cream HPS offered me for the first time the possibility to test this matter easily by myself, and I was able to confirm what I suspected since I was a teen.

Even if I am used to not wearing any earring daily now, I am happy to have the possibility to wear them again for special occasions, without feeling any concern for the state of my ears afterward.”

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