Mobile phones containing Nickel can cause allergic reactions

Recently, a man suffered from very painful rashes when using his new iPhone 6. This severe allergic reaction is due to the Nickel contained in this phone. Indeed, after a few months, this man was diagnosed with Nickel allergy which was triggered by his phone.

The development of connected objects and of mobile phones containing Nickel has created a surge of allergic reactions (redness, itching…) due to the Nickel that is contained in these daily objects (as well as in computers, watches, belts, coins, costume jewelry…). This metal allergy affects 10% of the population. Allergy to Nickel, just like an allergy to Chromium and other metals, causes people to develop (allergic) contact dermatitis, also sometimes called (allergic) contact eczema when their skin is in contact with objects containing these metals.

Nickel allergy is today a recognized issue for some mobile phone users. There is no existing treatment against Nickel allergy to this day. However, Skintifique has developed the first cream in the world which protects the skin from Nickel by stopping it from penetrating the skin.

The Protective Cream HPS uses a breakthrough technology platform called Capturifique which allows capturing the metals at the surface of the skin. This stops Nickel from penetrating through the skin, and from triggering an allergic or irritant reaction.

To learn more about Skintifique’s Protective Cream HPS, click here, and to learn more about the technology and underlying science, click here. You can also read the testimonial of Lucile who discovered she is allergic to Nickel, of Jeff who is allergic to the Nickel in his wedding ring,  or of Katia, who is “allergic to everything”.

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