Sue, who suffers from Nickel allergy: "I honestly do LOVE these products"

A few month ago, Barbara from the blog Nickely Challenged reviewed our products and organized a giveaway. Sue was the lucky one who won a Skintifique Discovery Pack. Here is what she thinks of  “Skintifique’s innovative line of products that bring comfort, protection and relief to people with sensitive skin issues due to metal allergies such as Nickel”.

Sue suffers from Nickel allergy. She tested our products, for a few weeks and she seems to like them :

” I honestly do LOVE these products.”

Cleanser P.  It is amazing how this product really cleans up your skin. One swipe with a cotton ball soaked with this cleanser and you can see all the impurities that your normal cleanser leaves behind!  When my eczema flares up, this is my go-to for instant relief.  It is very soothing for my eczema prone skin and it takes the redness away immediately. “

Hydrating Gel Plus HS:  When you first use this product, it looks like a cream, but it actually goes on like a gel. I recently brought this with me on a flight to Houston. I needed extra protection for my face and this provided an extra barrier against any allergens that I know would cause a reaction on my skin.  It worked!  No flare up on this flight. It is hands down one of the best moisturizers I have ever used very hydrating, fragrance free and lasts a long time! “

Protective Cream HPS:  I apply this cream to areas other than my face such as my earlobes, and my hands (especially around my fingers).  I do not use this cream as often as I do the Hydrating Gel. However. I believe it gives me that extra protection against any allergens that will cause a flare up, especially when I am wearing costume jewelry for a long period of time. “

Moisturizing Lotion HP: I use this daily. In fact, twice a day. I don’t care for lotions that have a fragrance, so this lotion is the one I reach for.  It’s fast absorbing and doesn’t leave that  yucky l “film” on your skin like most other lotions out in the market. “

Thank you very much, Sue for this great review!

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