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Moisturizing Lotion HP


A very pure moisturizing body lotion which hydrates and protects from pollution and metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…).

For dry, sensitive, allergic skin or with eczema

- Very safe and pure formulation

- Exclusive patented technology which prevents metals from penetrating the epidermis while letting the skin breathe

- Excellent skin comfort

- Scientifically proven efficacy

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The Moisturizing Lotion HP is also available in packs of 2 ($17.50 per bottle) and packs of 3 ($14.70 per bottle).

If you need to buy the Moisturizing Lotion HP in larger volumes, please contact us.

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A very pure moisturizing body lotion which hydrates and protects from pollution and metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…).

Exclusive patented technology. For dry, sensitive or allergic skin (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…).


- Dry skin

- Sensitive or reactive skin

- Metal allergy: Nickel allergy, Chromium allergy, Cobalt allergy...

Eczema or dermatitis


- Protection from pollution


The Moisturizing Lotion HP is based on the exclusive patented Capturifique technology. This technology captures metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…) at the surface of the skin.

Some of this cream’s ingredients are assembled in specific structures. These structures capture the metal irritants through a chelation mechanism.

The structures also have physicochemical properties that make them stay on the surface of the skin. Therefore, when metals come in contact with the skin, they are captured and prevented from entering (or re-entering) the epidermis.

The metals can then be washed away from the surface of the skin by cleaning it with the Cleanser P, or with water.

Learn more about the Capturifique technology


This lotion has a fluid, fast-absorbing and non-greasy texture. It lets the skin breathe naturally, without leaving a barrier film.


Very safe and pure formulation


Only 13 ingredients to minimize the risk of skin reaction.


Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its safety profile. The composition of the Moisturizing Lotion HP is:

- Paraben free

- Metal-free: No Nickel, No Chromium, No Cobalt...

- Fragrance free

- EDTA free

- BPA free: no phthalates, no bisphenol, non-toxic plastic

- Sulfates free: no SLS & SLES

- Gluten free

- Silicone free (no dimethicone)

- Alcohol free

- Mineral oil free

- Lanolin free


In addition to that it is:

- Eco-friendly

- Vegan

- Hypoallergenic, tolerance tested

- Cruelty-free. No animal testing


Results of the scientifically controlled tests:

- +35% moisture increase in just one day

- +50% moisture increase over longer periods (applied on the body once a day)


Apply generously on dry skin and massage until complete penetration of the product.

Use daily and as frequently as necessary.


By on19 July 2016 (Moisturizing Lotion HP) :
I use this daily

I use this daily. In fact, twice a day. I don’t care for lotions that have a fragrance , so this lotion is the one I reach for. Its fast absorbing and doesn’t leave that yucky l “film” on your skin like most other lotions out in the market.

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By on18 Apr 2016 (Moisturizing Lotion HP) :
Protects and moisturizes my skin !

I started using the Skintifique Moisturizing Lotion HP for a period of time, almost every day. Being a person allergic to chrome and nickel, I realized that without it I would have big problems, but with its help, I protect the skin, but it and moisturizes, leaving a pleasant smell. Skintifique Moisturizing Lotion HP helps me wear objects, like the watch, without cause to my skin or my health different seriously problems.

Thank you Skintifique for your Moisturizing Lotion HP.

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By (Jakarta Barat, Indonesia) on31 March 2016 (Moisturizing Lotion HP) :
A great product!

A great product! I use this every time I need to go outside (maybe 3 or 4 times a week), also if I need to go to studio or workshop. It's really protecting my skin from the allergen! (except if my skin get exposed too much, I will still flare up, but not that bad!) One day I forgot to use this lotion and that day my house was renovated (since there is nickel in cement), I flared up really bad because of the cement dust that I even need to got an injection from my doctor.
I use this in the morning on my face, I need to use right amount of it or it will make my skin oily. I don't really like to use it on my body, since I feel it makes my skin really tight (?), i can't describe it, but it's not comfortable. But it's okay for my face, since I never really touch my face during the day.

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By on26 Oct. 2014 (Moisturizing Lotion HP) :
Only positive effects!

I've been using Skintifique Moisturizer for three weeks. I suffer from eczema and other skin allergies so it's extremely important for me to find a moisturizer that is compatible with my skin. Skintifique Moisturizer is the perfect diet for my skin. I've been applying it three to four times daily on my hands and face. It goes on smoothly and is absorbed quickly. It feels soothing and nourishing. Over this short course of time, there had been a noticeable improvement in the texture of my skin. The skin on my hands and face feel much softer. I believe this moisturizer has helped my skin to replenish and retain moisture. I've only had positive effects from Skintifique Moisturizer. I will continue to use it as part of my daily skin regimen.

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