The importance of maintenance of psoriasis

Xavier suffers from hand psoriasis. You can read here his interview on his experience with psoriasis and the Hydrating Gel Plus HS, which he has been using for almost a year and a half with no interruption… or so we thought…

Xavier dropped by our office today. When he arrived, he told us : ” I had a beginning of a flare up 3 weeks ago. It was the first time in many, many months.”

Then he went on and said: “In fact, I had not had a flare up in such a long time and I had started to use so much less Hydrating Gel Plus HS than at the beginning, that I think I had become a bit overconfident and complacent… Memory is short…

I was using almost no Hydrating Gel Plus HS anymore and could tell my skin was becoming dry on the hands… and then I felt this flare up coming… So I started to use the gel intensely again, about 4-5 times a day, like I was doing when I started using it. It took about 4-5 days till I started to feel the usual moisture again, and then the flare up went out… it’s almost gone now, see here on my hands. So now I am starting to use less gel again, but this was really a strong message for me: never let down the guard. Maintenance is critical.”

This is again a great, insightful testimony from Xavier. For chronic conditions such as psoriasis, which at the present time cannot be cured but just managed, it is critically important to maintain the quality of the skin. And this means using high-quality products which provide the appropriate level of moisturizing, and also, ideally, ingredients with recognized positive effect on the psoriatic skin.

As far as we are concerned at Skintifique, this is a key reason why we developed the Hydrating Gel Plus HS: this skincare product is based on a unique formulation technology, which allows, with a very pure composition that contains only 8 safe ingredients, to provide  intense skin moisturizing and soothing, while also helping maintain the cells in the epidermis in good health. The latter is due in particular to the high level of high-quality glycerin the Hydrating Gel Plus HS delivers to the skin, even hours after it has been applied.

Glycerin indeed, although it is usually associated only with moisturizing in most people’s mind, also has natural properties essential to help skin cells in psoriasis for many people ; and Activifique, the exclusive formulation approach used in the Hydrating Gel Plus HS allows to deliver it progressively to the skin, unlike standard skincare products and unlike what one gets by simply applying pure glycerin to the skin.

* According to the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA)

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