Referral program

Referral program

Offer $15. Win $15.

I want to refer my friends

Refer your friends: they get $15 off their first order on the Skintifique website. Once they order, you get a $15 reward in return. To use our referral program, you need to be connected to your customer account. Click on the button below to access it.

I have been referred, how can I benefit from the referral program?

Congratulations! You have been referred by one of Skintifique’s customers or partners. You are entitled to a special offer: a $15 discount on your first order on the Skintifique website!

To benefit from this offer, you only need to register on the Skintifique website. To do this, it is imperative that you click on the link that was sent by your referrer, so as to validate your referral. You can also create a customer account by clicking here and enter the referral code that your referrer provided you in the “Referral program” field. This will automatically validate your reward.

You will then receive an email (at the email address that you have used for your customer account) with the voucher code. You can also find your voucher code in the “My voucher” section of your Skintifique customer account.

You can use this voucher code for any order, including your first order on the Skintifique website.