What are the effects of glycerin on skin quality?

What are the effects of glycerin on skin quality?

Glycerin is one of the most used ingredients in skincare products destined to hydrate the skin.

Glycerin is a small molecule that includes three alcohol functions (or trialcohol). Very often used in skincare products, glycerin has an essential physiological role.

Indeed, it is the framework on which can be fastened one, two or three fatty acid chains and thus form mono, di or triglycerides, which compose the main part of animal and vegetable fats. Besides, these glycerides participate in the cell organisation and are part of the structure of biological membranes.

In addition to the constitutive role of glycerides, glycerin has intrinsic properties which make it a major ingredient in dermatological skin care products.

Its most known property is its hygroscopic potential, in other words, its capacity to draw water. This property makes it one of the most effective humectants, if not the most effective, in skincare products. It allows to attract water in the layers of the skin and fight against dry skin. This ability to draw water is all the more effective if glycerin is applied in a wet atmosphere.

If the relative humidity rate is superior to 70%, then the water which is attracted to the skin comes from the environment. In a drier environment, the water can be captured from the deepest layers of the skin. In any case, it it necessary to ensure a sufficient contribution in water to optimize the action of the glycerin, by being in a wet environment (a bathroom after a shower is a good place to optimize the action of the glycerin during its application), and by ensuring an optimal skin hydration (drinking water will help skin moisturizing in any case).

Glycerin also has emollient properties: it softens the skin and gives it a better aspect.

Besides, recent studies have shown that glycerin may have a role in the maturation of corneocytes, which could have an important role in the control of skin cell renewal. This could influence in a very positive way the evolution of pathologies like psoriasis, which is due to a too quick renewal of skin cells.

The Hydrating Gel Plus HS includes several new technologies which allow having a quantity of glycerin superior to most hydrating products, without having the usual sticky or prickly effects, and also to prolong its action over time. It is one of the reasons which explains the hydrating efficacy of this product, which has been felt by people suffering to dry or very dry skin, as well as psoriasis, eczema, or other rare but severe skin conditions. You can here read the testimonials of Xavier or Nathalie on psoriasis, of Fanny on eczema, or of Alexia on epidermolysis bullosa.

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