Thank you @Juste Sublime: "Cosmetic innovation for allergic skin"

Fanny, who is behind the blog @Juste Sublime, is allergic to metals such as Nickel. She tested our 4 skin care products which “are very efficient”.  Here is what she thinks of our products.

We decided to reach out Fanny, from the blog Juste Sublime, to try our products specially designed for sensitive and allergic skin. Fanny is allergic to metals such as Nickel: “ I was very allergic (and I am still allergic) to some metals such as Nickel that you can find in costume jewelry, jean buttons, leather accessories… I once experimented redness and tingling after wearing a new jean!”

She was happy to test our products:

“Good news, a range of skin care specially designed for sensitive and allergic skin was created: Skintifique”

Here is what she thinks of the Protective Cream HPS:

“It’s my favorite product: the Protective Cream HPS. It protects the skin from metals and it is the only one in the world to do so. The protection lasts between 5 to 14h. You can use it everywhere: earlobes, wrist, belly… and see that the sensitivity to metal is controlled (in almost 70% of cases, the skin didn’t present any reaction or discomfort following exposure to the objects). Personally, I use it on my earlobes and it’s super efficient. I also use it on my hands, and I am sure that everyone who is in contact with metals (jewelry creators, handyman…) should use it too!”

Here is what she thinks of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS:

The Hydrating Gel Plus HS is a face and body moisturizer that boasts one of the world’s highest concentrations of glycerin. Its formulation is also based on pure demineralized water and enriched castor oil and bisabolol which provides a triple emollient, humectant, and soothing action. Using exclusive Activifique technology, the gel gradually releases its moisturizing and soothing agents on demand. It’s an SOS skin care which can really help during winter!”

Here is what she thinks of the Cleanser P:

“If you’ve noticed the endless ingredient lists on many micellar water, you will be shocked: this one only contains … 5 ingredients. It comprises pure demineralized water and gentle surfactants. The Cleanser is exceptionally gentle for the most sensitive skin. And it has a minimalist formulation. Thank you, Skintifique!”

Here is what she thinks of the Moisturizing Lotion HP:

The Moisturizing Lotion HP brings moisturizing and protection against contact with objects that contain metals such as Nickel. The lotion’s rich texture is quickly absorbed. It has a unique moisturizing power (even in winter when my skin needs extra moisturizing). The pump bottle is super simple and efficient.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Thank you Fanny for this article!

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