Fighting dry skin for the elderly

This week, Felix talks to us about the benefits of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS on the dry skin for elderly people. Indeed, this product used on hands and legs of an old person with very dry skin has shown once again how hydrating it is, and how it can relieve itching.

Once again, a few words on the benefits of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS. But first of all, a thought: I have not received any account from users of the Hydrating Gel concerning its effect on the hands, their appearance, and the comfort that you can feel after using this product.

I haven’t received either any account concerning the disappearance of age spots… True, it may be a little early yet, but if you have age spots, try the Hydrating Gel, check the effect over a few weeks, and keep me posted!

To continue on the effect of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS: this product is so hydrating that I thought about using it on an elderly person who is in the hospital, and whom I have been taking care of. This person, as many elderly persons, is dehydrated and her skin makes her suffer. Her hands especially were very itchy and she scratched herself often. The skin of her legs and feet was so dry that it was scaly (a little like a snake skin).

I used the Hydrating Gel Plus HS on her hands, the bottom of her legs and on her feet. The result was quick: the itching on her hands disappeared, and the skin of her legs and feet became smooth and soft again. After a few days, the hands seemed younger… which brings us back to the beginning of this chronic and the previous post.

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