Arnoult Bacot

Arnoult Bacot

Arnould Bacot is a public accountant and statutory auditor. He is an expert in auditing, the auditor’s office, and the commissioner of mergers and contributions.

1977 – 1982: Peat Marwick Mitchell (now KPMG Peat Marwick); Traditional progression in audit training and in practice.

1982-1988: Frinault Fiduciaire / Arthur Andersen; manager then associate (1985); Audit and audit office: listed French and foreign companies and groups

1988 – 1992: Groupe Lazard; financing subsidiaries; Budgets, accounting and consolidation, administration, capital and solvency ratios.

Since 1993: Public accountant – statutory auditor (president of S.A.A.B.) ;

Since 2016, Arnould Bacot has been a key shareholder and administrator of Skintifique.