Exclusive offer: 20% off on all our packs

EXCLUSIVE OFFER Enjoy 20% off on the Anti-pollution Pack and on ALL our packs! With the code APSPRING25, you get 20% off the Anti-pollution Pack and all our packs such as the Eczema Pack, the Psoriasis Pack, the Nickel allergy Pack, the Tattoo Pack etc… This offer is valid until May 30th, 2019, at midnight on our website www.skintifique.me and on Amazon.co.uk

How use your voucher?

A) On our website

It’s very simple, you just have to enter the voucher APSPRING25  in your cart when you order.

B) On Amazon.co.uk

It’s also very simple, you just have to enter the voucher APSPRING25 in your cart at check out. 

* Special Offer: 20% off with the voucher APSPRING25. This offer is valid on the following packs: the Psoriasis Pack – Face, the Psoriasis Pack – Body, the Eczema Pack, the Nickel allergy Pack, the Discovery Pack, the Anti-pollution Pack, the Tattoo Pack, the Moisturizing Lotion HP – Pack x2, the Moisturizing Lotion HP – Pack x3, the Cleanser P – Pack x3, the Protective Cream HPS – Pack x3, The Hydrating Gel Plus HS – Face – Pack x3, the Hydrating Gel Plus HS – Body – Pack x3. This Offer is valid until May 30, 2019, for one order per household. This voucher is valid on our website and on Amazon.co.uk The offer is valid for a selection of countries and while reserved products are available in stock. Cannot be cumulated with other reductions or promotions.