Protect your hands while gardening

Felix is lucky, he has a big yard in his farmhouse in the countryside. Whatever the weather, whatever the season, there is always something to do anyway in the yard… But how can you protect your hands while gardening?

Felix loves to tinker and garden during his free time, and while doing so, he uses the Hydrating Gel Plus HS. Indeed, gardening and tinkering expose the skin of his hands and face to numerous aggressions.

As Felix says:

“Even when my hands are protected by gloves, when I tinker, at the end of the day their skin is always cracked and dry. The Hydrating Gel Plus HS soothes my hands, and stops the skin from pulling.

When I garden, the plants (herbs, brambles, rosebushes) are even more aggressive with my hands, sometimes even my face. The Hydrating Gel Plus HS, used before and after gardening, brings a comfort which I haven’t found with other products.”

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