How to benefit from our Welcome Offer?

Skintifique created the Welcome Offer to allow you to To benefit from this order, you have to subscribe to our newsletter. Here is how to do easily.

It’s simple to benefit from our Welcome Offer! Here is how to do step by step:

1.First, go to the page dedicated to the Welcome Offer:


You can access this page directly by clicking here.

2. This is what you see:


3. Once on this page, you have to subscribe to our newsletter here:

You then need to click on “Receive my voucher”.

4. You will receive an email from Mailchimp (the tool we use to send our newsletters) to confirm your subscription. You need to click on “yes, subscribe me to this list”.



5. After this confirmation, you will receive our email whose subject is “We’re delighted to have you”! If you do not find this email, please check your spams. It can take a few minutes for this mail to arrive, so be patient :)!

6. When you receive your Welcome voucher, you need to use it on the vouchers box of your cart.

Terms of use:

* The Welcome Offer is valid:

  • only on our website
  • until December 31, 2018.
  • for one order per household.

Shipping fees will be paid by the customer, and the offer is valid for a selection of countries and while reserved products are available in stock.

This offer cannot be cumulated with other reductions or promotions.

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