Interview of Peter about his tattoos and how to take care of them

Discover in this article the testimony of Peter who speaks to us about his tattoos and how to take care of them. He told us about the Hydrating Gel Plus HS which seems to be an adequate product to take care of tattoos thanks to its strong moisturising and soothing power.

Hello, Peter. Can you tell us the circumstances of your first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old. Now, I have 4 tattoos.
I got tattoos because I wanted to be different from the others and to write on my body some important things for me.

How do you choose your tattoos?

It is all about things that are important to me. For example, one of my tattoos represents the name of my graph’s group. Another is the number “4” because I was born on January, the 4th.

And one of my favourite tattoos is the one that I have on my shoulder. It’s a friend of mine who designed it. His drawing was then published in a magazine.

Now, I want to have a new one. And I have a lot of ideas!


How do you choose your tattooers?

For my first tattoos, the tattooer a close friend who wanted to become a tattooer but who did not make it, unfortunately.

But, now that I want to get a new one, I am actively looking for a new tattooer. I research on the Internet, ask my friends and also search on Facebook. Many tattooers have their own pages on Facebook where you can really see their style.

For me, it is not a problem to travel abroad to get a tattoo. For instance, I  am hesitating between a tattooer in Dijon and another one in the Netherlands. I look at the tattooer’s style and their waiting lists… Because I don’t really want to wait for 3 years to get a tattoo!

Now I am also very careful about the hygiene. I do not want to take any risk. I will not go to a tattooer who does not clean his tools, or who does not wear gloves.

Have you already experienced complications after getting a tattoo?

Yes, for the one I have on my forearm. I hurt my forearm just after getting the tattoo. Unfortunately, I did not take care of the wound. It took forever for my skin to heal, and because of this, the design of my tattoo changed.

Do you have any advice to give to people who want to get their first tattoo?

It is necessary to treat it as a sunburn. You need to moisturise your skin. You can put for instance moisturising skin care product such as Skintifique Hydrating Gel Plus HS. Your skin needs moisturising several times a day. With a good moisturising, you will not suffer from tingling or itching.

During the first year, you also need to pay attention to the sun. It is something that I did not do and I regret it a lot. My skin did not heal very well and now I feel much more the sunburns. 

A tattoo is something that we keep all our life. Thus, it is necessary to take care of it since the very beginning. It’s a pity to damage a tattoo. Indeed, it is a lack of respect to the tattooer and to yourself.

Does it ache? Is it so terrible?

Yes, it aches. And at the beginning, for the pain is quite bearable. Then, you fell your skin gets burnt. For example, the one that I have on my arm ached quite badly during 2 days. It was then unpleasant during 2-3 weeks but also because I did not take care of it.

Also, the most impressive thing for me is the noise. The machine makes quite a lot of noise.

Is there a part of your body where you don’t want to get a tattoo?

I am not particularly kind of tattoos on the head or the face and also on the hands and neck. According to me, it is still very difficult to get a job with visible tattoos nowadays. Thus I am going to keep my tattoos under my clothes!


Do you plan to stop one day?

No, I want my body to be like a comics! I am going to get more and more until I have no more space on my body! It’s going to take a while I think!


Thank you, Peter, for this interview!

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