Jeff is allergic to the Nickel in his wedding ring

Jeff is a 38 year old Professor from Canada. He is allergic to the Nickel in his wedding ring: a few times throughout the year, his Nickel allergy begins acting up and he cannot wear his gold wedding ring.

He has proved in his laboratory that the ring contains Nickel (he is a Science Professor).

What Jeff did and what he observed

Being a scientist, Jeff attempted a controlled study and tested whether the Protective Cream HPS could protect his skin.

Following a rash caused by a skin reaction to his wedding ring, he took off the ring and waited a few days for the irritation and rash to subside.

Then he started to use the cream, generously applying it in the morning on his finger skin, and waiting a few seconds for the Protective Cream HPS to penetrate before putting the ring back on (he takes off his ring every evening, and puts it back first thing in the morning). At the end of the day, he would continue his normal routine: taking off the ring before going to bed, and rapidly cleansing his hands to remove all impurities accumulated during the day.

He repeated this procedure for a month, carefully checking his finger status every day. During the entire month, the allergy remained dormant and he had no skin reaction to his ring.  After a month, he stopped using the cream and within days an allergic reaction ensued!

Needless to say he is hooked.

What Jeff says

“I use the Protective Cream HPS before I put on my wedding ring, which used to give me rashes. Now, I do not have problems anymore and my wife is happy !

The products on the market that claim barrier function either don’t work or make the reactions worse ! The Protective Cream HPS from Skintifique is the first and only cream available that works for me. Based on what their scientists told me, it also allows the skin to breathe so I know I can use it over long periods of time.”

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