Allergic or hypersensitive, looking for Nickel free accessories?

Nickel allergy is widespread, but unrecognised: about 15% of the population is allergic to Nickel! Obviously, the simplest solution for people suffering from Nickel allergy is to use only products without Nickel, which can prove difficult in practice. Indeed, Nickel is present in many everyday items such as jewellery, coins, electronics, prosthetics, pollution…

Another new solution is to protect skin against Nickel. This is what Skintifique has achieved, by developing the world’s first products that actively protect skin from Nickel and that let the skin breathe. They are based on an exclusive patented technology, Capturifique, which captures metals at the surface of the skin and prevents them from entering it.

The Nickel Allergy Pack is composed of:

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What are the results of Skintifique products on Nickel allergy?


Below are photos of a woman suffering from dyshidrotic eczema on both hands due to a Nickel allergy. After using the Protective Cream HPS to protect her skin against contact with Nickel, the Moisturising Lotion HP to moisturise her skin by day, and the Hydrating Gel Plus HS to repair her skin by night, a very clear improvement can be seen.


Eczema - Dermatitis - Before/After

Testimonials of persons suffering from Nickel allergy and using Skintifique products


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[intense_testimony author=”Tudosia” company=”Suffers from Nickel and Chromium allergy” link=”/shop/gb/interview-with-tudosia-who-suffers-from-nickel-and-chromium-allergy-2/”]

I tested the Protective Cream HPS. It was the Doctor Badulici who advised me to try it. I apply it directly on my skin before touching an object containing Nickel or Chromium. And I can confirm that it is very efficient! With only one application, I am protected for at least 12 hours.


[intense_testimony author=”Nelly (Delicious Beauté)” company=”Suffers from Nickel allergy” link=”/shop/gb/thank-you-nelly-from-delicious-beaute-for-her-test-of-the-discovery-pack/”]

I tested it on my earlobes before wearing costume earrings (which cause every time redness and itching). And it was … a miracle. This cream, applied locally, creates a protection against this kind of irritant metals. No reaction, no pain: it’s a revolution for my skin. For me, it is a totally effective treatment!


[intense_testimony author=”Barbara (Nickely Challenged)” company=”Suffers from Nickel allergy” link=”/shop/gb/nickely-challengeds-video-about-skintifique-products/”]

I put this cream after my face lotion and my primer. It protects from metal irritants such as Nickel and Chromium. I put this under my makeup.


[intense_testimony author=”Magali (Big Blog Beauté)” company=”Suffers from Nickel allergy” link=”/shop/gb/big-blog-beaute-the-solution-to-her-nickel-allergy-2/”]

The cleanser removes the black marks that costume jewellery creates on my skin, and I use the protective cream to apply on my ears, wrists and fingers before wearing costume jewellery.




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