Psoriasis Pack

Scientifically proven efficacy: 89% improvement of the skin’s quality for people suffering from psoriasis.

Extremely safe and pure composition: 98.9% natural ingredients. No fragrance, no paraben, no occlusive ingredients, no endocrine disruptors…

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Moisturises intensely
Contains 40% of moisturising agents

Stimulates skin renewal 
with more than 20% glycerine (2 to 6 times more than other creams on the market) the moisturising effect and the impact on cell renewal are significantly increased

Reduces the inflammation 
thanks to the bisabolol (derived from chamomile which is known for its soothing effect) and to the Activifique technology, the soothing effect is reinforced and beneficial ingredients are delivered over time to the skin and more strongly when the skin needs it

  • Only 8 ingredients. Hypoallergenic.
  • No fragrance, no paraben, no occlusive ingredients (silicone, mineral oil…), no endocrine disruptors…
  • 98.9% natural ingredients
  • For all skin types, even the most sensitive (babies, children, adults)
  • Cruelty-free (not tested on animals)
  • Made in France

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Skintifique Psoriasis Hand First Day
Day 1
Skintifique Psoriasis Hand 15 days
After 2 weeks
Skintifique Psoriasis Hand 26 weeks
After 26 weeks
  • 89% improvement of the skin’s quality for people suffering from psoriasis
  • Up to +70% moisturising
  • Efficacy of over 24h after each application

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  • Exclusive patented technology: Activifique
  • Controlled delivery of moisturising and soothing agents

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