Skintifique at the Gerda 2014, the medical congress for dermatology and allergy experts

Skintifique will attend the Gerda 2014, the congress for dermatology and allergy experts sponsored by the Society of Dermatology and the National Academy of Medicine in France.

Skintifique has been invited to present breakthrough scientific results obtained by its scientists and collaborators from Brigham & Women Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Besançon’s Hospital Dermatology Department. These results led to the development of the first skincare products specifically dedicated to people suffering from contact allergy to Nickel, Chromium or other metals. The benefits brought by the Protective Cream HPS, Moisturizing Lotion HP and Hydrating Gel Plus HS will also be presented to those attending the congress.

Skintifique is a laboratory founded by an international team of medical doctors and scientists, dedicated to improving the lives of people with demanding skin. Skintifique’s current focus is on the development of breakthrough skincare products and pharmaceutical drugs for people with skin that is sensitive, reactive or allergic to Nickel, Chromium or other common metals, very dry, or affected by conditions such as allergic contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and ichthyosis. Skintifique’s unique, science and people based approach, has already led to the first skincare products that offer both moisturising and protection against Nickel and other common metals, and to a new generation of products offering exceptionally high moisturising and soothing relief.

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You can obtain more information on Gerda 2014 and on the scientific program by clicking here.

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