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Skintifique is a science and people based company. We access, develop and harness the best technologies in order to bring people products that can help them get their skin health back and take control of their future.

Our products are based on a combination of breakthrough technologies – derived from the work of our scientists and our partners at top academic institutions, and rigorously applied principles. You will find on this page some information on these elements.


Skintifique relies on a number of breakthrough technology platforms such as the ones outlined below. Each of our products is based on one or a combination of these technologies:

  • Capturifique: The world’s first technology platform that protects the skin against metal irritants and allergens, such as Nickel, Chromium, and Cobalt. These metals are present in many common items, including jewellery, leather accessories and clothes, coins; they can also come in contact with the skin in professional environments (e.g. from construction materials, healthcare professions…), and sometimes even from air pollution. The Capturifique technology captures metals at the surface of the skin, thereby preventing them from penetrating through the skin and triggering allergic or irritant reactions. To make an analogy, just like sun care products protect skin from damaging sun exposure, skin care products that include the Capturifique  technology provide skin protection against exposure to metals contained in many items that it comes in contact with.
  • Activifique : A technology that controls efficiently the activity of ingredients so that they are active only where the skin needs them. This technology is providing one of the foundations of new medicines that our scientists are working on.

These technologies allow us to craft products that are particularly efficient, safe and secure. Notably, all Skintifique products contain exclusively ingredients that have an established track record of safety in the USA and in Europe: our products do not include any “miracle ingredient”, and it is through revealing the properties of carefully selected ingredients, and through combining these ingredients in novel ways, that they can display their properties.


Our products are based on a number of essential principles:

Proven efficacy

  • Unique product properties based on breakthrough innovations demonstrated with the highest rigour both with “real life” volunteers and through scientifically controlled tests.
  • Ingredients scientifically recognised for their efficacy.
  • The dosage of each ingredient carefully selected to optimise efficacy.

Highest safety

  • Ingredients strictly selected for their low irritant potential.
  • A limited number of ingredients to minimise risks of skin reaction.
  • Products contain NO paraben, NO silicone (dimethicone), NO vaseline and other common derivatives of petroleum, NO fragrance, NO mineral oils, NO EDTA

Excellent skin comfort

– Textures are tailored for a sensitive or reactive skin.

– Skintifique products allow the skin to breathe.


In addition to the products presented on this site, our scientists and collaborators are working on next generations consumer products as well as novel medicines. Contact us by clicking here for more information.

Hydrating Gel Plus HS

An exceptionally pure head-to-toe moisturising, soothing and repairing cream. Provides intense and long-lasting relief

Protective Cream HPS

The first cream in the world to protect the skin from irritant metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…) for up to 14h while letting it breathe

Moisturising Lotion HP

A very pure moisturising body lotion which hydrates and protects from pollution and metals (Nickel, Chromium…)

Cleanser P

An extremely pure, soft and efficient micellar water which cleanses, removes make-up, traces of pollution and metals (Nickel…)

Skintifique science
  • New long-lasting moisturising technology
  • Protection against allergens and pollution
  • Extremely pure formulations


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