Thank you @Spotlights on the Redhead: "5 reasons to be addicted to this micellar water"

The beauty blogger Anna from Spotlights on the Redhead wrote an article about the Cleanser P: “5 reasons to be addicted to this micellar water“. Find out what she thinks of this Cleanser P.

Anna tested the Cleanser P. She underlined 5 reasons to be addicted to this micellar water:

  • Only 5 ingredients. Now the good thing about having few ingredients is that, if you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies (like me), it will be easier for you to determine if this will react well with your skin. Since my skin is such a mess and I have eczema on my hands, I have learned to avoid certain ingredients as directed by my doctor.
  • It actually removes your makeup without needing to rub your skin off.
  • It hydrates your skin. To be exact it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight. 
  • My acne receded. This is a personal observation though, but I guess it has to do with the ingredients being so carefully picked for sensitive skin. 
  • It is cruelty free!

She then compared the Cleanser P to another micellar water that she “used in the past, from a well known brand that will remain anonymous”. She tested it on 5 of her tougher makeup products to remove.

First swipe with the Cleanser P
Second swipe with the Cleanser P
First swipe with another micellar water

Verdict: Cleanser P is a winner! I really didn’t expect this product to work this well. With the price being so low, I will buy it. It has helped my skin and that alone is a huge plus for me. I’m replacing my micellar water with this, once I finish what I already have. I really think if you have skin issues you should try out their products.”

Thank you, Anna for this article, which you can access by clicking here.

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