Thank you @Closer: "Focus on... anti-pollution skin care"

This week, Closer Magazine introduces its favorite anti-pollution products in the article “Focus on… anti-pollution skin care products“. And which brand is among this selection ? Skintifique with the Cleanser P!

Pollution is not skin’s best friend. Indeed, pollution tends to “weaken” the skin: the skin is irritable, dried and less smooth. Pollution also participates in skin aging.

Closer magazine selected the best skin care products to save our skins from pollution and pollutants. Among these “shields products”, we can find the Cleanser P. Exceptionally gentle for the most sensitive skin, this purifying micellar water is particularly tough on pollution and traces of metals such as Nickel, Chromium, and Cobalt, which its exclusive formulation removes in a flash. It brings the skin a blast of freshness, instantly restoring its comfort and balance.

Thank you @Closer for this article!

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