Thank you @Côté Santé: "Insider secrets"

This week, Skintifique’s products are part of the “insider’s tip” section of the magazine Côté Santé in the article: “Detected for you, brands (more and less) confidential and innovations to discover right now.”

According to Côté Santé, Skintifique’s products are “a great innovation for those with skin that cannot tolerate anything anymore”. Skintifique currently offers four innovative skin care products, which are 100% pure and non-allergenic.  They are innovative because of their formulations: simple, safe and pure to guarantee “efficiency” and “extreme tolerance”.  They also benefit from two “physico-chemistry innovations“: the two technologies Capturifique and Activifique. The first one is an exclusive technology to protect the skin from metals such as Nickel, Chromium, and Cobalt. The second one is an exceptional technology that enables controlled and gradual release of the active ingredients to meet skin’s physiological need instantly and long-lastingly.

Moreover, the article focuses on the Protective Cream HPS which is capable of protecting the skin from contact with common metals with only 12 ingredients thanks to its Capturifique technology. The result is “a near perfect skincare to satisfy the needs of sensitive and demanding skins”.

Thank you again @Côté Santé for this article.

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