Thank you @Les enfants de Peau d'âne: "No, pollution will not touch me!"

This week, Sophie from the blog Les Enfants de Peau d’âne is reviewing two of our four innovative skin care products. Find out what she thinks in her article: No, pollution will not touch me!

Sophie tried the Moisturising Lotion HP and the Cleanser P. She loves the fact that these two skin care products protect her skin from pollution. Here is what she thinks:

About the Moisturising Lotion HP:

The Moisturising Lotion HP for face and body moisturises and protects your skin from pollution and metals. The lotion has a rich and smooth texture that is quickly absorbed. I love the fact that I don’t need a lot to moisturise all my body. I use it after the shower and I can fell my skin really moisturised. Its pure and hypoallergenic formulation is great to relieve very quickly people with very dry skin. Moreover, its pump bottle is super practical!

About the Cleanser P:

The Cleanser P is a micellar water that removes make-up, impurities and all traces of pollution and metals. I would have prefered a pump bottle like the Moisturising Lotion HP. The fragrance is very neutral, and it is a bit hard to get used to it at the beginning. I like the fact that it removes my make-up perfectly.  It brings to my skin a blast of freshness, instantly restoring its comfort. I also love that I can feel all the traces of pollution accumulated during the day removed by this cleanser. It is a great feeling for me who live in a big city. Thanks to this micellar water, my skin is cleansed and bright. It ‘s a great first step to my night beauty routine. This cleanser has only  5 ingredients. It’s ideal for people with sensitive or reactive skin!

Thank you again to Sophie from the blog Les enfants de Peau d’âne!

To read the full article, you can click here.

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