Thank you @Kimberley Jessica: "Winter skincare routine"

Today, we are sharing with you the article that Kimberley, from the blog @Kimberley Jessica, wrote about the Cleanser P . She uses it in her winter skincare routine. Here is what she thinks about Skintifique and about the Cleanser P.

We decided to reach out Kimberley from the blog Kimberley Jessica to try our products specially designed for sensitive, demanding and stressed skin. She kindly accepted to review the Cleanser P:

First things first, I take off my makeup using a Micellar water; I have so so many however my go to at the moment is Skintifique Cleanser P. I absolutely love using this as it doesn’t have a scent. I recently tried out a micellar water which had some sort of fragrance too it which my skin really did not like and it’s not the best product to use to take off makeup from your eyes whereas I do not have this problem with this Micellar Water or Garnier’s (by other go to). Not only does this Micellar Water leave my skin feeling silky soft, but it also removes all of my makeup very easily and very quickly.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Thank you @Kimberley Jessica for this article!

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