Thank you @Essential Twenty: "Evening Skincare Routine Summer 2016"

Sophie, from the Essential Twenty blog, tested the Cleanser P which is now part of her routine! Find out what she thinks of the Cleanser P in her video: “Evening Skincare Routine Summer 2016 | EssentialTwenty”!

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A couple of weeks ago, Sophie from the Essential Twenty Blog accepted to try one of our innovative skin care products: The cleanser P. She adopted it quite quickly as the Cleanser P is now part of her evening routine for the Summer!

Here is what she thinks of the CleanserP:

“After my eye make up remover, I move on to my micellar water. This is the Skintifique one which I do really like. I am pretty impressed because there is only 5 ingredients in here. It’s actually a good change to my Garnier one or my Bioderma. This one is very good, you can really see the dirt coming out and I am really impressed by this one. I will definitely considering purshasing it again when I got throught my current stuff of micellar water.”

You can watch here her entire video about her Evening Skincare Routine Summer 2016:

Thank you Sophie for this great review!

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