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Millions of people are looking every day for ways to protect or improve the quality of their skin, or for solutions to skin concerns. And there are many, many information and products available on the web or in shops that one needs to sort through to find what is really useful and safe.

If you too are looking for a product, a solution or information related to your sensitive, allergic or stressed skin, be it because it is exposed to pollution or harsh environments, or affected by a skin condition, this guide is designed for you.


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This guide aims to direct you to the appropriate product, solution or information. In most cases, you should be able to find what you are looking for after answering less than 3 questions. Of course, you may also want to dig and find additional information throughout this guide, or on our website.

Do not hesitate to leave feedback and suggestions for improvement when asked, or on the last page of the guide.


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