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Skintifique has decided to distribute its products mainly through the Internet to ensure that everyone can benefit from them, wherever one lives, and through partner pharmacies and health channels. Highly selective distribution also ensures the quality of our products, as it is always ourselves, or our carefully selected partners, who provide them to you, with minimal to no intermediaries.

You can find the list of websites and pharmacies where Skintifique products are distributed by clicking here.

Skintifique products are available over the counter and can be purchased without a prescription. Our team is working on passing this message broadly to the medical community. It is possible that a medical doctor prescribes you a Skintifique product. If your medical practitioner does not seem to be aware of our products, do not hesitate to mention them to her / him.

Skintifique products are available over the counter and can be purchased without a prescription. Our team is working on passing this message broadly to the medical community. It is possible that a medical doctor prescribes you a Skintifique product. If your medical practitioner does not seem to be aware of our products, do not hesitate to mention them to her / him.

Skintifique products have been developed by our scientists. They build on distinctive internal expertise and on distinguished scientific advisers and collaborators, including Dr Jeff Karp, one of Skintifique co-founders, and a Professor of Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Harvard Medical School and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Safety is one of the fundamental principles of Skintifique. We think safety when we design our products, carefully selecting each and every ingredient for their low irritant or allergic potential and are well known from regulatory authorities in the US and Europe. We have also invented technologies and know-how that allow us to have a minimum number of ingredients in each product, so as to minimize the risks of undesired skin reactions, which are common with skincare products as people with sensitive skin know well. Finally, each and every product has successfully passed a number of rigorous safety tests, both required by regulations or self imposed by Skintifique, before they were launched. All in all, there is no product on the planet that is 100% safe for 100% of people, and our products are no exception. But they are certainly among the safest that exist, if not the safest, for people with sensitive skin.

Skintifique products have been precisely designed for people with reactive or fragile skin. Efficacy, safety and skin comfort are the 3 principles that each Skintifique product must comply with. Each texture is specially tailored for sensitive, reactive or fragile skin. In addition, Skintifique products have a quick penetration and let the skin breathe, without barrier effect.

Each Skintifique product is developed in our labs and then tested under very rigorous scientific control with volunteers who have sensitive, reactive, fragile or allergic skin. There is very strong evidence for each and every scientific claim we make on our products. Some of these have been or will be soon published in top international scientific journals and communicated at medical conferences. We also provide a selection of feedback that illustrates how our products have contributed to improving the lives of people who use them. It should also be emphasized, that our scientific and medical team is comprised of internationally recognized and respected experts, who consistently strive to “do the right thing”.

Please keep in mind, that despite all our efforts for scientific excellence and rigor, each of us individually may react differently to any product, whether from Skintifique or other sources. It is impossible to know if the products will have the same effect on you as on the majority of other persons who are using them. We can only encourage you to give them a try!

First, you can navigate on this website and have a look on the product pages or on the blog. If you need more information or if you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly by clicking here. Our customer service will come back to you quickly.

Your story is similar to that of many people we meet or who contact us during the development of our products. The honest answer is that there is no way to know until you try the products; it is also that these products have been precisely designed for people like you.

So, we encourage you to try the product which are best suited to your needs. This guide may help you:

– For reactive or allergic skin: Protective Cream HPS, Moisturizing Lotion HP and Cleanser P

– For dry, sensitive or fragile skin, such as atopic skin, eczema skin or psoriasis skin: Hydrating Gel Plus HS and Cleanser P

Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us. We are convinced that sharing these feedbacks is the best way to developing future products tailored to your individual needs.

The less ingredients there are, the lower the risks of undesired skin reaction created by ingredients… This is why we worked particularly hard to develop products with exceptional properties, such as protection against Nickel and other metal irritants, or super-hydration, while also minimizing the number of ingredients in each product. We feel it is important to communicate about the number of ingredients as it is an important safety information for users of skincare products.

Yes and no. Yes, because on one hand, the Protective Cream HPS has been extensively tested on many body areas where contact with objects containing Nickel or Chromium could happen, like earlobes, wrists and forearms, belly etc. On the other hand, to moisturize your face for daily care, we recommend you use the Moisturizing Lotion HP (if you want to moisturize and protect against accidental exposure to metals), or with the Hydrating Gel Plus HS, if you are looking for, probably, the world’s best and safest skin moisturizer and soother.

Most likely yes. The Protective Cream HPS has been developed to protect the skin from frequent irritants, such as Nickel, often found in fancy earrings, jewelry watches, and many common items including leather ones which often contain traces of metals. For the majority of people, one (good) application is effective to protect the skin for more than 8 hours, and some people are protected more than 12 hours.

You may want to read some of the testimonials, where several people with allergic skin have accepted to share their experience and how the Protective Cream HPS now allows them to wear jewelry and other items they love!

Try the Protective Cream HPS by applying it generously on the area that will be exposed (for example: your earlobe for earrings), as often as necessary. Do not hesitate to put also cream on the earring itself, as advised by some users. When you remove your earrings, you should quickly rinse of your earlobe with water or with the Cleanser P, which has demonstrated exceptional efficacy to remove Nickel from the skin.

Could very well be. It depends on what is triggering the rashes. For many people, contact with leather items skin triggers rashes because they are allergic to Chromium that is used to prepare leather before using it in manufactured products. If you are in this situation, then the Protective Cream HPS and Moisturizing Lotion HP may clearly help you, as they already do for a lot of people.

From a practical standpoint, you can apply  generously the Protective Cream HPS on the area that will be exposed (your wrist for a watch, your feet for leather sandals…), as often as necessary. Efficacy depends on your skin, sweat, as well as on the object that is in contact with it, so it is impossible to predict exactly how well you will be protected. You can reapply as often as needed. At the end of the day, you should quickly rinse off your skin with water or with Cleanser P, which has demonstrated its exceptional efficacy to remove metal irritants and allergens from the skin.

The Protective Cream HPS has been developed to protect the skin of people who are allergic to metals, such as Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt, as well as for people willing to preserve their skin from unexpected exposures to all these irritating or allergenic factors. As a consequence, the most concerned people for using the cream are typically those who can come in contact with items containing metal irritants, like earrings, watches, leather belts or shoes, mobile phones with metal case, coins, keys etc. Also concerned are professionals at risk for such exposures, such as hairdressers, health care professionals, builders, cement workers, clerks or cashiers in contact with coins, locksmith…

The Protective Cream HPS and Moisturizing Lotion HP protect the skin from many metal irritants and allergens such as Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt. And Cleanser P has been demonstrated to remove metal irritants such as Nickel when it is at the surface of the skin. So, it is very possible that these products can help you in many circumstances. Just try, and do not hesitate to tell us about your experiences, like some users here already did. Many other people may benefit from it.

Skintifique products, already help people suffering from these conditions.  The Hydrating Gel Plus HS, which contains very high levels of moisturizing agents, with a texture specifically tailored for fragile skins, provides exceptional moisturizing, demonstrated through scientific studies and real life tests, with people affected by psoriasis, eczema or very dry skin. Benefits after 5 to 10 days, with at least once a day usage, showed a quicker return to a soothed and healthier skin, even faster right after acute crisis.

Of course, even if the gel can help a lot of people, it is neither a “magic product”, nor a drug, so only your personal experience over at least a week to 10 days will give you a clear indication about the benefits you can get.

Do you know a cleansing lotion with demonstrated efficacy to clean the skin from some of the most common irritants and allergens that may come from contact with everyday items or from environmental pollution?  The Cleanser P has been demonstrated to not only remove impurities from skin (which is the minimum one can expect from a Cleanser!), but also to remove metal irritants and allergens, such as Nickel.

In addition, the cleansing effect of Cleanser P is even stronger when one has used the Protective Cream HPS or the Moisturizing Lotion HP to protect the skin.

Finally, Cleanser P contains only 5 ingredients, including water. This is close to the minimal one can get, and this is particularly important to limit risks for sensitive or reactive skin. For all these reasons, yes, Cleanser P is an exceptional product!

Most likely. You should try first the Hydrating Gel Plus HS for exceptional moisturizing and soothing. If you are allergic to Nickel, Chromium or other metals, you should also try the Moisturizing Lotion HP or the Protective Cream HPS if you think you are particularly exposed to such metals irritants. Finally, you may also consider using the Cleanser P to remove impurities and also metals that may still be on you skin at the end of the day.

Water can be released by the Hydrating Gel Plus HS when you open it or use it. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal! This is due to its new and innovative technology. Indeed, this phenomenon is linked with the structure of the Gel and does not alter its hydration and soothing power.

Actifivique is the new technology patented by our team of scientists. Thanks to Activifique, the Hydrating Gel Plus HS gradually releases its active ingredients. This technology also allows incorporating a high quantity of water in the texture of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS. So it is normal that this product releases from time to time some water, as it has been created to release water on the skin.

Referral program

The Skintifique referral program allows people with a customer account on the Skintifique website to invite their friends, offer them rewards, and get rewards for themselves as well.

Invite your friends, and refer them through your customer account.

To refer your friends, you need to have a customer account, to go to the “Referral program”  section within your account, and to choose the solution that you prefer among the following:

– propose your referral on the social networks

– give your personalized referral link to your friends

– give your mail or your referral code to enter in their registration form

– send an invitation mail to your friends

Your friends will only need to create a customer account, and to place an order, to validate and pay it… They can then benefit from their $15 discount offer, and you will receive a reward of $15!

Invite your friends and refer them through your customer account.

You will get a $15 reward for each friend that you refer, who creates a customer account with your referral code or email, and orders on the Skintifique website.

Note that for your referral to be taken into account, your friends must create a customer account after following your referral link (or using your referral code or mail) and validate a first order. This is because our system needs to credit your friends, and this can only be done if she has an account.

The referral is available on all products, excluding test formats or samples. The rewards will be available 14 days after the order is validated, the time to process the file. Of course, no one gets rewards if the friend’s orders are cancelled or returned.

Invite your friends and refer them through your customer account.

Your rewards are detailed in the section “My rewards account” of your customer account. You can access the section by clicking here (you need to be connected to your customer account to get connected)

Your rewards can be transformed into vouchers that can be used on our shop. You can use them in totality or in part and then keep remaining non used balance for a future purchase. Rewards are valid for 12 months, but we are sure that you won’t wait that long to use them!

Invite your friends and refer them through your customer account.

When your friends receive your referral invitation (through social media, mail, or with a link or code that you send them), they need to create a customer account indicating you as their referrer.

They then receive an email with a unique voucher code to use on the order of their choice, which gives them a $15 discount, excluding shipping fees.

They will also find the voucher in the section “My vouchers” of their customer account.

Your friends can use the voucher immediatly (yes, even for their first order!) or keep it for a future order. And if they use only part of the voucher, they will receive a new voucher corresponding to the non used balance.

Invite your friends and refer them through your customer account.

About Skintifique

Skintifique is a company founded by a Harvard / MIT Professor and a healthcare entrepreneur in 2012. They decided to join forces to improve the lives of people with skin that is sensitive, allergic, very dry or damaged. The company quickly assembled an exceptional team of scientists, medical doctors and professionals focused on translating breakthrough innovations into innovative, high tech dermatology products.

No, Skintifique is an independent company. It does not belong to any large industrial group or to any group for that matter.

Skintifique has decided to distribute its products mainly through the Internet to ensure that everyone can benefit from them, wherever one lives, and through partner pharmacies and health channels. Highly selective distribution also ensures the quality of our products, as it is always ourselves, or our carefully selected partners, who provide them to you, with minimal to no intermediaries.

You can find the list of websites and pharmacies where Skintifique products are distributed by clicking here.

Innovation does not depend on size. Skintifique is a highly innovative company both from a technology and customer service standpoint. Our commitment and raison d’être is to improve the quality of people’s lives through innovation. To this endeavor, we have established great ties with some of the world’s best scientists and doctors from top institutions and hospitals in the USA and in Europe. Our own team is comprised of highly experienced, distinguished and passionate scientists, doctors and innovation experts. A lot of our team members hold PhDs or MDs!

Skintifique is a limited liability company with offices in Boston, USA, and Paris, France. Our key people and partners live in the USA as well as in Europe, and one of our advisers is a Professor in Asia.

Our products are manufactured in France, a world hotbed in dermatology.

The key technologies used by Skintifique , the ones that make our products so unique and exceptional, are exclusive and proprietary; they have either been developed in our laboratory or licensed from top academic institutions.

Skintifique science and technologies

Skintifique products are based on a number of exceptional technologies, each contributing to efficacy, safety and skin comfort. In fact, Skintifique’s approach is to combine the best of traditional dermatological sciences, which knows how to make elegant products and great textures, with breakthrough sciences, which allows to reveal new properties of natural matter. This combination provides the unique features of our products.

Our products are high tech and include many different technologies, some of them developed in our labs, some derived from work by our key partners at world leading academic centers such as Harvard Medical School and MIT.

Yes. The core technologies that make Skintifique products so unique are exclusive and proprietary. Skintifique has either developed them in its own labs, or secured exclusive access to them from world leading institutions.

No. In line with the most stringent international regulations, none of Skintifique consumer products are tested on animal.

Yes, Skintifique has a pipeline of products in development, some of them consumer products that will be obtained over the counter, and some of them breakthrough medicines that will require medical prescriptions. You can subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be updated on products news.

Skintifique is dedicated to bringing breakthrough products to improve people’s lives. If you would like to explore new ways that our product can help people, or if you have ideas about new breakthrough products or technologies, we are happy to speak. Please, contact us directly by clicking here.

Skintifique is a science and people based company, and all our products have been extensively tested, both in the labs and in real life, under the most rigorous, scientific protocols. Some of the technologies used in Skintifique products have been recognized in some of the most renowned scientific peer reviewed journals, including Nature. Finally, most of those who work at Skintifique are very dedicated scientists and medical doctors, and they would simply not accept to be involved in products that they do not believe in themselves!

To learn more about Skintifique’s science and technologies, click here.

Miscellaneous questions

Skintifique products are based on exceptional and proprietary technologies and know-how; we strongly believe in open innovation and we work with many partners. Do not hesitate to contact us directly by clicking here.

This is an important topic, and we do understand your concern.

First, it is important to emphasize as you do, that Skintifique products should bring you exceptional benefits. Their cost is typically between $0,5 and $1 per day, for normal use. This is of course not insignificant, but this should be put in perspective with other expenses that we have in our daily life.

Second, we offer a loyalty program that offers 20% of your order if you have a customer account.

Finally, you can contact us directly by clicking here if you have a severe condition for which our products can make a difference and you encounter economic hardship.

We thank you for your interest in Skintifique products and we hope they will help the people you care for. This site is a good first source for information, and you should contact us directly for more by clicking here.

At Skintifique, we are very committed to providing only trustworthy information. Consult our profile, references etc and this should give you a sense of the professionalism and ethics you can expect from us.

Also, this site is secured with some of the best technologies available for e-commerce, be it in terms of keeping your information confidential or in terms of payments. With regard to the latter, we offer several ways to make highly secured purchases of products displayed on this site, and you should consult the page Secure Payment for additional information.

We are sorry, but at the present time, we offer no gift wrapping nor personal messages. You can however join our referral program, so that your friends and family will receive information and special offers from Skintifique; this can be accessed through your account, which you can create on this site. Of course, you can also purchase products and have them delivered to your friend’s address.