Thank you @Le Journal de Crapette: "Skintifique: the solution for demanding and sensitive skin"

Some days ago, Le Journal de Crapette published an article about our four products called”Skintifique: the solution for demanding and sensitive skin”. Her author, Laetitia, has a  sensitive skin and suffers from contact eczema. Discover what she thinks about each of our products that are “very effective”

Laetitia has a very sensitive skin and suffers from contact eczema when she wears costume jewelry. For instance, she can’t wear her watch or costume earrings.

She tested our Discovery Pack, that includes all 4 of our innovative skin care products specially designed for sensitive, reactive or demanding skin. Here is what she thinks:

 “Skintifique products offer minimalist formulations, comfort and neutral fragrances which is perfect for all the ones with sensitive/demanding skin.”

About the Protective Cream HPS:

“The Protective Cream creates an invisible barrier against irritant metals present in jewelry. It’s great! I can add a watch to my Christmas wish-list!”

About the Cleanser P:

“The Cleanser P is a detox micellar water with demineralized water and gentle surfactants, all cleverly combined to reduce reactions for sensitive skin. Only 5 ingredients to remove pollution and traces of metals accumulated during the day.

I use it mainly during my morning routine to refresh my skin and to remove the impurities accumulated during the night. And I love the fact that it does not let a weird feeling on my skin and that it does not stick. I also like its neutral fragrance which is great for a morning usage.

 About the Moisturizing Lotion HP:

“When I stop using a moisturizer for a few days, I know that I can use the Moisturizing Lotion HP to repair quickly the damages on my skin thanks to its rich and smooth texture. With this lotion, I repair my epidermis deeply and very quickly. I like its texture which is quickly absorbed with no stickiness or shine.”

About the Hydrating Gel Plus HS:

“I asked Mister Crapette to try it and he used it as a night cream. He felt his skin restored in the morning. I used it one day after a very sunny afternoon. I used it locally on a sunburn in my neck. The texture, between a gel and a cream, quickly relieves and moisturizes my skin. It is clearly an SOS skin care, which can be used for very dry skin or to relieve itching and light burns.”

To read the full article, you can click here.

Thank Laetitia from le Journal de Crapette for this article!

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