Thank you @Nickely Challenged: "October Nickel free favorites - Face edition"

Barbara, from the Nickely Challenged blog, who suffers from a severe Nickel allergy, tested some of our products, and here is what she thinks of the Cleanser P and the Protective Cream HPS.

About the Cleanser P:

“When I remove my makeup I don’t have a makeup remover. I use olive oil. After I remove the makeup and everything, I use the Cleanser P on a cotton ball and then it’s still dirty even though I thought my skin was clean before.

This cleanser removes metal irritants such as Nickel and Chromium. I really like it!”

About the Protective Cream HPS:

“I put this cream after my face lotion and my primer. It protects from metal irritants such as Nickel and Chromium.

I put this under my makeup. I suggest you use a powder foundation instead of a liquid one, or else you will glow. “

Note from Skintifique: for persons with an allergic and very sensitive skin, or who would like to make a daily use of our products, we would rather recommend using the Moisturizing Lotion HP on your face, as it can be softer for your skin.


You can watch here her entire video about her October Nickel free favorites – Face edition:

Thank you, Barbara, for this great review!

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